All the Hype


8/9/2017 – Yellowstone National Park Wyoming

What an adventurous day!

To start off, I could barley wait for this camping trip because I’ve always dreamed of visiting Yellowstone sense I was a little girl setting up a tent in the backyard, and now I’m here for the first time! After setting up our campsite Michelle and I got ready for the day, got warm water ready for our breakfast (oatmeal & coffee) and with our list and map in hand we had a busy day ahead of us.  We asked Park Rangers about some hot spots she’d recommend, after getting the low down we were off.

First, I wanted to see the main attraction of course Old Faithful. This natural hot spring brings millions of people from all over the world to stare at amazement while gallons on top of gallons of water bursts high into the sky. Let me tell you it was amazing to cross off my bucket list, but the main attraction in my opinion the one that has a place in my heart is Grand Prismatic Spring.

The Grand Prismatic Spring is by far the most stimulating landmark I’ve ever laid eyes on. This hot Spring the largest in the United States, and third in the world. The striking coloration it displays matches the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. If you are looking for a bit of artistic inspiration, you’ll find it here! The fascinating rainbow waters are bond to leave anyone breathless. You’ll find the Grand Prismatic Spring approximately 7 miles north of Old Faithful, and I recommend visiting on a hot sunny day for a clear picture!

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