Maximize Your Next Trip Without Breaking a Budget

Maximize your next trip without breaking a budget? Here are five tips that are sure as hell to help you out.

How many times have you spent way more than anticipated on a vacation?


It will please some of you to know that I was that dumbass on vacation that spent and spent because hell I like to have a good time. I  was also guilty of waiting to check my account once I got home because I knew it would be downright hurtful. However, I never regretted a purchase because I had a hell of a good time, but for as often as I travel I couldn’t keep doing this sick routine.

A typical trip within the U.S costs a single person $195 per day on average. With that being said, I was always an outlier in life and my spending wasn’t any different. Ironically, a lot of us wouldn’t dare classify ourselves as typical or average, so how is it possible to have a luxury vacation without dropping stacks like this every weekend?  That got me thinking, “How can I have a BOSS LUXURY ASS VACATION without all the spending?” And my friends that is how I came up this:

Five Tips that are sure as hell to keep you in your budget!

1.Take your time and PLAN AHEAD

It doesn’t take a genius to know the longer you wait the more expensive everything gets! With that being said,  plan ahead put time and effort in plotting out your bad-ass adventures. In addition, start scouting out those outrageous deals or that fair going on in that small town in Jackson, Wyoming for free that night.

2. Jump-Off Cities

These hot spots have two amazing destinations in one. For Example, a trip to the Grand Canyon can also be a trip to party in Las Vegas. Cause why not? Why not get the most of every trip you take from landmarks to the hottest restaurant on the strip! I like to think of it as killing two birds with one stone, or the two for one special.  Although, I am aware this may cause some people to feel rushed or over booked, but screw that! If you flew from Wisconsin to come checkout the GC you damn right better checkout more than one landmark on the West coast!

3. Opt for those off-season getaways

These are the times were hot destinations are basically on their knees begging individuals to adventure out and visit! I have traveled through the Caribbean during what is consider hurricane season, yet I never once came across a hurricane. On the other hand, I had an epic vacation where I played hard and saved hundreds of dollars by planning ahead and searching out deals like this!

4. Find your home away from home

Staying in a hotel every night costs a few shinny pennies, yet individuals do it all the time, why? There are alternative and unique options that will not only bring a greater experience, but a cheaper one as well. For example, camp for one night. All it takes getting off your ass, setting up a tent, gathering some firewood, and boom baby a peaceful night with the stars and ones thoughts. Once again I know camping isn’t for everyone, so for you folks try an Airbnb. This is super easy select rentals and find one with the highest rating!

5. Buy less stuff

This last one is pretty simple spend less. I know I rather have time and money to travel like a boss bitch, than to work my ass off just to buy insignificant junk. In order to do this you have to put value into perspective. For example, that $20 shirt that says Cali will most likely sit in a drawer until you go to the gym next, while that $1 postcard that says CALI is hanging on your wall above your TV with all your other travel postcards for all your friends to see.


Keep a journal of your travels folks and send me some of the cool places you crazy kids have been! Also, share more tips that worked to keep your trip in your budget!

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