Let’s talk BLM Land

Hey everyone sorry for the delay in my blog, but your girl has been very busy with a new job and traveling to all sorts of new destinations. Yes, the new job is very exciting but we can talk about that another time.

With that being said, let’s talk BLM land, shall we? First of all, the Bureau of Land Management contains over 245 million acres of public lands where you can hike, bike, fish, camp, and bring your dog to all for FREE. Yes, I said it for FREE!

Most BLM lands are in Western states, including:








New Mexico




Image result for blm land map

When I go on any adventure I am always using https://www.campendium.com/ to look up the best BLM land to look for a campsite, as well as, an epic hike adventure with my pup and my girl. In my opinion, having to pay $30 a night for a campsite surrounded by loud neighbors and bright lights just is not as enjoyable as being out in the wild with the stars and views you get with BLM land.

Let me know what area you are planning to travel to and I will let you know of some of the best places to pitch your tent!

Although, the season is almost over there is always next year to check out the best BLM spots.


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