My commitment is to produce content that helps and motivates others to do more with their 24 hours. As I share both my positive and negative experiences in the real world with open minded people like myself!

Over the past three years I have gained hands-on experience as a sales executive, accountant, writer, and social media strategist/analyst while working with four different startup companies. I invest myself completely in companies who are passionate about what they are bringing to the table.

In addition, I traveled to over 45 states and have been to 31 US National Parks. I have the traveling experience and figured out quickly how to do so on a budget. I turn each trip I take into an unforgettable luxury adventure!

Please join me as I share my life’s tales, tips, and photos!
Lastly, If you’ve got question, drop me an email at jen.atkielski@mindopenwide.com or find me on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.