Total Eclipse With My <3

Capture0_LIChasing the eclipse was a majestic experience that was the highlight of my young life. It all started when my friends and I decided last minute to journey out by Ogallala Nebraska, to participate in the ECLIPSE festivity. Ironically, our late planning brought us to an extraordinary campsite on Lake McConaughy the night before the eclipse. Oddly, the Lake was isolated for being the night before the eclipse, and I was feeling blessed to have such a beautiful spot with so many beautiful people.

We started to assemble our campsite in Nebraska’s Narnia , under a pink and orange blended sky which sat on a clear blue LAKE! Needless to say we were on a beach in paradise. Following the sunset the group got cozy on the white sand around a glowing campfire, singing ballads of cliche yet necessary tunes while snuggling up with our loved ones. After a few drinks and a few more shooting stars we called it a night and took our exotic evening into our tents.

When we woke up on eclipse day, we realized why the beach was so empty. The sky was not so clear we did not do our research. The weather on many sites showed the clouds hanging around all day. We looked at each other and within seconds were packing up to get out from those vexing clouds. We only drove 45 minutes until we found a clearing around Oshkosh Nebraska. Everyone pulled their cars over next to an old school bad-ass windmill and started getting ready to watch the show.


Experiencing the world around you turn from day to night within minutes was the most moving moment of my life. Being able to appreciate the night sky, stars, and planets at 11:50 am is unheard of. We watched from start to finish and throughout the whole process I had goosebumps running down my neck to my feet.  We got every second of totality, it had me feeling exalted and left my spine a little chilled. This altered moment captured my mind, body, and soul.  I only hope in 7 years you plan to take part in the next  majestic experience.



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